Why SEO? 3 Ways That SEO Can Increase The Value Of Your business

Why SEO? 3 Ways That SEO Can Increase The Value Of Your business

How does SEO, or search engine optimization, figure into the overall valuation of a business? We usually think of it strictly in terms of marketing, but have you ever considered how SEO can help to increase your overall business value?

Businesses that show consistently positive results are in high demand and SEO has the potential to produce those results at a comparatively low cost.

Read on for some noteworthy reasons why SEO can contribute to the overall worth of your business.

Why SEO Is Important in Business Valuation

Although SEO work usually doesn’t factor directly into a business valuation, it does contribute by attracting more potential customers.

According to Moz, it’s SEO (not paid advertising) that draws in the most valuable traffic for a website. The reason is this: once you’ve put an SEO strategy into place, it can bring a steady stream of organic traffic for months with minimal upkeep and budget.

On the other hand, PPC campaigns require constant financing and monitoring for hiccups and to avoid going over budget.

Infographic on how SEO can help improve a business valuation


1. Reduce Key-Person Risk

A masterful salesperson who can effortlessly find and close deals on your products and services is an asset to any business. Yet key-person risk is a real and potentially problematic issue for a business to face.

In fact, it’s considered one of the toughest risks to mitigate.

Depending on one or two individuals to generate new sales opportunities creates a risk. If the risk goes unmanaged, it can hurt your profits, decrease productivity, and lessen employee confidence. It’s also a risk to the company’s image, and you risk lowering your business valuation.

Using SEO diffuses the risk by increasing the number of qualified leads coming into the business. Salespeople are still important, however, your sales team can focus on closing deals, rather than uncovering opportunities.

Search engine optimization works together with your sales efforts to get and retain more customers in the long term.


2. Build Brand Value

You can’t compensate for low brand value by running pay-per-click campaigns.

You have to earn high organic search engine rankings with steady effort over a period of time. This is what makes SEO efforts so valuable.

Not only do higher placements in the search engine results indicate a higher brand value, but search users tend to trust the organic results more than the paid ones.


3. Demonstrate Long Term Growth Potential

Tracking your SEO produces a lot of high-quality data over time that can demonstrate your brand’s public appeal.

Consistent organic traffic that converts will produce numbers that cast your company in a positive light. Use this data to demonstrate the growth potential of your business. It will show an increasing trend of traffic and leads from organic search.

This is especially appealing to potential buyers who don’t have experience with generating traffic.

To this type of buyer, a business fuelled by SEO and solid content marketing is an attractive asset.

It gives them the opportunity to learn firsthand from a thriving business that draws in and converts traffic.


SEO Data Is an Asset to Have On-hand

Even if you have no plans of selling your business in the foreseeable future, it’s still an advantage when you can improve your business’s value using SEO.

This is especially true for strictly online businesses.

You can use SEO data as a tool for building confidence in stakeholders and also as a personal gauge to track the growth of your operation. You can also use the data to replicate your successes for yourself or others. Successful SEO case studies are highly in demand in the online business world.

If you need an excellent SEO company to help you increase the value of your business, contact us today and request an SEO audit.

Our digital marketing experts will identify ways of optimizing your site to improve your search engine rankings and take your business to new heights.