What is an SEO Audit?

What is an SEO Audit?

SEO has been a hot topic over recent years. Many people talk about things like technical SEO or local SEO, but how do you actually find out how well your website is optimised for search engines? That’s where an SEO audit comes in. What is an SEO audit? What do people look for when they perform a website audit? Why does it matter? We’ll cover all of these questions below.

Defining an SEO Audit

An SEO audit is the process of identifying ranking factors for your website and analysing how well your web page enhances the user experience and relates to Google’s best practices. This is your first step to creating and putting a plan in place that will give you measurable results. At the core, an SEO audit looks for as many issues that negatively impact your organic traffic and search performance. The audit will show you:

  • Issues with your technical SEO
  • Issues with local SEO
  • Loading time lags
  • Broken links
  • Website structure problems
  • User experience problems
  • Content opportunities and gaps
  • Off-site problems
  • On-site problems
  • Link building issues
  • Meta description and title tag problems
  • Competitive marketplace insights

The SEO audit takes all of these small pieces into consideration and gives you one comprehensive audit report. You can use these results to fix your issues and align your website with the most recent best practices.

It can also show you targeted keywords that your potential customers are putting into the search engine so you can add them into your keyword strategy. This can boost your rankings. The more things you fix, the better your organic search results will be, and the more traffic will end up on your website. In turn, your conversion rate will go up, and you’ll make more money.

Utilising Google Search Console

Google Search Console has free audit tools available that you can use to perform your SEO audit. This SEO tool will monitor your website and give you a list of items to fix. The faster you address your issues, the less chance you have of suffering from a Google penalty. It’ll also give you an in-depth understanding of how Google views your website. This way, you understand why you’re changing the items you are in your audit.

Need help with an SEO audit?

If you need a website audit and you’re not sure how to go about it, our highly qualified team can help. You can reach out and get in touch with us to start the process.