June 2019 Google Update: Did your site get smacked?

June 2019 Google Update: Did your site get smacked?

Google’s June 2019 update felt a bit different than other updates. For starters, Google actually announced their June 2019 core update in advance. Something we haven’t seen before.

Secondly, the update seems to have had an impact on many websites… including ours. Read on to learn more about the update and hear about some of the sites that have been affected.


Daily Mail Experiences A 50% Drop In Daily Traffic

The Daily Mail is a British newspaper that publishes an enormous amount of online content. Following the Google update that was released on the 3rd of June, the Daily Mail experienced a 50% drop in daily traffic. This was publicly stated by Jesus Mendez in the Google Search Console forums.

Daily Traffic

Whilst he doesn’t specifically mention it, this significant drop coincided with the June 2019 core Google update.

What Is A Core Update?

When it comes to updates, Google tends to take a few different approaches. The first is to target something specifically. For example, previous updates have targeted backlinks and content quality metrics. These update usually have a specific name, e.g. Panda or Medic.

The second approach is where the update changes in several areas, which ends up impacting website across a range of SEO areas. This is a core update.

Core updates are usually released several times per year, with the last core update being released in March 2019. Whilst there has been a 3-month gap between core updates this year, it is unclear whether Google intends to maintain this quarterly core update frequency.

How It Affected Pearl Digital Marketing

We are big believers in transparency, so I thought I’d share how the June 2019 core update affected our site.

For a bit of context, our site is relatively new. In fact, we only launched it in January this year. Obviously, we immediately started optimising our site for specific keywords and this initial SEO campaign period lasted until early May.

In May, we decided to start targeting additional keywords and build pages, posts, and assets for the next evolution of the SEO campaign.

Following the core update in June 2019, we noticed that we were significantly negatively impacted for the keywords that we had started to target in May. The previous keywords from our initial SEO campaign remained, for the most part, unchanged.

Since our process is almost completely identical for the initial SEO campaign and the May campaign, it appears that the latest core update my be prioritising older pages, posts, and online assets since our relatively your keywords have been most impacted.

What Can You Do If Your Site Has Been Smacked By The June 2019 Google Update

There aren’t really any secret tips and tricks that you can use to recover any lost rankings. In fact, Google themselves recommend that you focus on providing high-quality content for your audience.

We are big advocates on this approach and also recommend focusing on high-quality content delivered in a user friendly way across multiple formats.

If you adopt this approach, you will be sure to recover rankings over time.

If you’re wondering how your website faired during the latest core update from Google (and you’re not currently one of our awesome clients), then feel free to request a free SEO audit. For our clients, we’ll be assessing the impact over the coming days as the core update’s effects settle in.

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