How an eCommerce Store in an ALMOST un-marketable niche 10x’d their revenue with SEO

How an eCommerce Store in an ALMOST un-marketable niche 10x’d their revenue with SEO

Ad platforms don’t treat all businesses equal.

Depending on the niche, they may apply restrictions to what and how you can advertise, and for some others, they may refuse to advertise at all.

This is the problem that one eCommerce store was facing.

So, how do you grow if you can’t ‘pay’ for advertising?

His niche was related to tobacco and related products so the major ad platforms (Google & Facebook) refused to let them advertise. Unfortunately, the owner found out the hard way after he had gone to the effort of creating ads on these platforms, only to have them disapproved for policy violations.

The Objective

Increase traffic and sales using organic methods.

The Challenge

Traditional paid ads platforms were not able to be used. We needed to increase sales and traffic organically.


eCommerce SEO

The owner of the eCommerce store approached Pearl Digital Marketing to explore how search engine optimisation could help his business. We worked through our SEO process, starting with an audit of his current site.

After reviewing the audit, we spotted some relatively ‘quick wins’… which are strategies that we can apply to their current website to improve their SEO in a relatively short time.

We also researched their competitors to identify what they were doing well and where any gaps in their strategy could be.


The Results After 6 Months

SEO is a long game and we expect our “quick wins” to still take a few months to reap results, however, this eCommerce SEO project was different.

Their organic traffic increased 315.46% after only the first FULL month of SEO implementation.

Screenshot of Google Analytics showing organic search results

This customer was adamant about focusing on a smaller number of keywords only at the beginning of the project. While we usually like to have more keywords work with, we were able to achieve:

  • 20% of keywords at page 1, position 1 in Google
  • 100% sitting on page 1 in Google
  • 40% of keywords in top 3 positions in Bing
  • 100% of keywords on page 1 in Bing
  • 474+ Google desktop ranking position increases
  • 471+ Google mobile ranking position increases
  • 171 Bing ranking position increase

screenshot from keyword tracking software showing eCommerce SeO customer history

  • 4,020 organic clicks – with a 3,960.61% increase between month 1 and 6
  • 51,740 organic impressions – with a 2,293.44% increase between month 1 and 6
  • 280 organic conversions

Screenshot of analytics software showing organic sessions increase over 6 months for an eCommerce SEO customer

Rankings, traffic, impressions, and conversion are great… but what about the financial impact.

  • 1,000% increase in revenue over 6-months – i.e a 10x increase in revenue
  • 20x return on investment for every dollar they committed to the SEO project


What Could Have Been Done Better

The results that this customer achieved helped them achieve their business goals, but the surprising fact is that it could have been much better. We’re highlighting these factors to show that not every SEO project can go 100% to plan and that the best course of action is to always focus on actions that will ‘move the needle‘ and adjust the strategy as obstacles present themselves.

CMS Choice

The customer has already built their website on a CMS that we don’t typically recommend when optimising for search engines. While we did recommend that they migrate their site eventually, we worked around the limitations to get results.

Low Word Count

The customer had a low word count that wasn’t optimised for search engines on some very critical pages. Every month we recommended that they increase the word count and optimise the copy, however, the customer didn’t have any capacity so retained the existing content and subsequent low word count.

Content Creation

We fundamentally believe that content fuels SEO so we routinely recommend that an absolute minimum of two blog posts of 400 words each be published each month. This customer elected not to create content to the recommended schedule. This was easy to understand since they were getting busier with the increase in sales and managing the growth of the business.

Content creation is now even more important with the announcement of Google’s latest algorithm update BERT.


This eCommerce store customer was able to achieve key business objectives, despite some setbacks in terms of advertising platform of choice.

SEO, while typically a long term strategy, can yield results over the short term with a focused strategy and adaptive implementation.