How To Create A Short Name & Short URL In Google My Business

How To Create A Short Name & Short URL In Google My Business

Google My Business has rolled out the ability to add a short name and URL to your profile for Australian businesses. Let’s take a look at what a short name and URL actually is, as well as how to set one up for your business.

Google seems to be on a roll with their updates over the past few weeks, especially after their core update to their search algorithm.

Google My Business is important for local SEO so it’s a great idea to get this set up as soon as possible.

What Is A Google My Business Short Name?

A short name on Google My Business is simply a name that you can assign to your Google My Business page so that your page is easier to find.

It can be up to 32 characters long and needs to be unique. This means that no other business on the planet can have the same short name as you.

Because of this, it’s wise to get in early… for example, my first two choices for Pearl Digital Marketing were already taken…

Here is what a short name looks like from the business owner’s perspective.


You can see that our short name is @PearlDM.

What Is A Short URL In Google My Business?

A short URL is a combination of a shortened Google link and your short name. Once you’ve set up your short name, your short URL will be:

g.page/ + your short name

So, for me, my short URL is g.page/PearlDM. Click the link to see what your clients will see when you provide them your short URL.

Obviously, you’ll need to substitute your businesses short name for mine… unless you want to send all your customers to us…

The short URL is an easy-to-remember link that you can give to customers so they can find you easier.

How To Setup A Short Name & URL On Google My Business

Follow these steps to set up a short name and URL for your business on Google My Business.

Step 1: Make sure your business is verified in Google My Business

Short names are only available to verified businesses.

Step 2: Download The Google My Business App On Your Phone

You can do it on a desktop, but it’s easier in the app.

Google My Business Phone App

Step 3: Login To Your GMB Account

If you haven’t signed in before, you’ll need to do so to be able to access your profile in the app.

Step 4: Click On The ‘Profile’ Tab At The Bottom Of The Screen

This should be located between the ‘Customers’ and ‘More’ tabs.

Step 5: Click The Circle Pencil Edit Icon At The Bottom Right Of The Screen

This will allow you to edit your profile.

Pearl Digital Marketing
The ‘Pencil’ edit icon is to the right of the opening time in the above picture.

Step 6: Click The Pencil Edit Icon Next To The @ Short Name Section

This is to the right of the screen.

Map Address
The short name section has an @ at the beginning of the field and is above the address in this image.

Step 7: Choose Your Short Name And Save

A new screen will pop up where you can add your short name. If it is unavailable, you won’t be able to save and will be prompted to choose another short name.

If it’s available, you’ll be able to save.

Edit Short Name

How To Use The Google My Business Short URL

As mentioned above, you just need to add your short name to the end of g.page/.

You can then provide it to your customers in any way that your imagination sees fit…

… add it to business cards so customers can easily get directions to your business.

… add it to appointment confirmation text messages so they can click for directions.

… add it to the signature in your email so happy clients can leave reviews for you.

… add it to an email campaign asking for a positive review once a new customer has been successfully onboarded.

… get it tattooed on your forearm so taxi drivers know where to take you if you fall asleep while being taken to your office after a work trip. Or maybe don’t get it tattooed.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Make sure you claim your Google My Business short name and short URL as soon as possible so no one else can claim it. If you come up with any other ways to the short URL it in your business, feel free to leave a comment down below.

You can also read the Google Support page on short names & URLs if you are looking for more information.

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