Five Reasons Why Consistent Content is the Key to Success

Five Reasons Why Consistent Content is the Key to Success

Whether you operate a popular Instagram account, a blog, a business website, or a YouTube channel, posting consistent content is universally important. Are you looking to expand your reach across the internet and elevate your platform? These are just five of the many reasons why posting or uploading consistent content is the key to success!

1. Search Engine Benefits

Anyone with any ambition about doing well online MUST learn about Search Engine Optimisation. Nothing is rewarded more by search engines than consistently posted content. There is a multitude of reasons for this, and all of them are worth it.

  • More content means more keywords
  • Increased keywords can mean more traffic to your website
  • A larger variety of keywords to be searched
  • Tending to and maintaining your website is rewarded

2. Consistent Content Displays Professionalism

If you show your viewers/customers/readers that you’re committed to your business, they’ll have far more respect for you and your content. If people have the choice between a YouTube channel or blog that posts sporadically or one that has a set day or two every week to post, they’ll often prefer the latter.

Posting consistent content not only displays professionalism, but it also shows that you respect your viewers, their expectations, and their time.

3. Keep Them Coming Back

If you give people a reason to come back, they often will! If you have a website or Twitter account that puts out good content once in a blue moon, people have little reason to bother checking up on you and your platform(s).

On the other hand, if they have good weekly content to look forward to, you’ll be able to keep them interested and keep them engaged. No one likes inconsistency. If you have a new video, top ten list, or blog post coming out every Monday, people will know to check-in. Otherwise, they might just tune out.

McKinsey & Company performed a survey of 27,000 consumers that revealed that the customer’s journey through content is more demonstrative of long term success than measuring consumer’s individual satisfaction. It’s essential to build a relationship between your viewers and your platform!

4. Show Off Your Brand

Posting consistent content means that you have more opportunities to show who you are and what makes you and your business/brand unique.

With more opportunities to show off your knowledge and personality, you’ll be able to prove to new viewers and old why your platform is worth coming back to week after week. Showing people what sets you apart means that you’ll bring more attention to you and your brand.

5. Legitimacy

What do people do when they want to know if a business is legitimate or worth their time? They often check out their social media, with Twitter being the big one in particular. If your most recent post was from four months ago, potential viewers might be left wondering if your business has been abandoned.

Nothing looks more illegitimate than content posted once in a blue moon with little maintenance. If you’re going to have a Twitter to accommodate your business, it’s almost better to just not have it if you’re not going to use it. Consistently posting content isn’t just for your primary platform, but for all the platforms that you decide to use.

The Consistent Content Commitment

Now that you know just five of the reasons why posting consistent content is crucial to the growth of your online presence, you have no excuses not to do it! Show off your brand and quality content, and give your viewers reason to come back to you.

Good luck!

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